Sunday, September 24, 2006

Things Change

Despite the forecast, the sun was out. The clouds were whisking their way across the sky, but Rich and I thought maybe it would be a nice day after all. Five minutes later, it was pouring. And five minutes after that, sun again.

It's going to be one of those days.

I have been sleeping very well since my procedure on Wednesday. I started the blood pressure medication (at half dose) and so far no side effects. We'll see what happens when I go full power starting tomorrow. Since it is a diuretic, I may be going to the bathroom more frequently. But since I have to get up from my desk and walk there and back, I'll be getting more exercise. Bonus! In all seriousness, I do need to get more exercise. And I have no reason for not doing so, only excuses.

I was chatting with Julie and Susan Friday night. You should have heard us. A bunch of 40-something women talking about sleep patterns and hot flashes and night sweats and I realized that I was becoming one of those women. You know the kind - the ones who are going through menopause and all you hear about are the hot flashes and the night sweats etc. Now, I'm not going through menopause - not yet. But I remember about 10 years ago when I first joined my women's group and there was this one woman who talked about perimenopause all the time.

It may have already begun.

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