Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Kindness of Strangers

When we arrived in Tortola, Susan and I disembarked and wandered down the main street in search of trinkets and a telephone. We purchased a few postcards and then got on the horn and called the father of a man who belongs to my gym. Basically, someone we didn’t even know.

They picked us up at the port and gave us the most amazing tour of the island. We went up and down the mountains from north to south and east to west. We had lunch overlooking Cane Gardens Bay and returned to their home high atop the mountain above Brewer’s Bay.

We went swimming in the ocean and then came back to swim in the pool before rinsing off under the outdoor shower. It was the most amazing place. Perched on a cliff … plants and flowers … tiles and terraces. They rent the house by the week, and we would love to come back! Mary, do you want to come with us?

You can check out the house online at:

Since I had trouble uploading photos the other day, I’m only going to attempt just this one today. Enjoy the view.

We’re just leaving St. Maarten, heading to Martinique – catch you later!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Welcome Aboard!

This is the life.

We’re into our second day of cruising. Yesterday was a quiet and relaxing day. Susan and I both took naps in between reading. We took our time getting ready for dinner, then had the martini of the day, the “Cosmopolitini” – a lovely blend of Absolut Kurrant with triple sec, cranberry juice and a splash of lime juice. Come to think of it, I think I had three of those babies.

Dinner was delightful, and then we relaxed in the Golden Lion Pub where we enjoyed karaoke and met up with Jackie and Lisa, two other women from our area who are on the cruise. At one point I assisted in holding up cue cards for the audience, encouraging them to applaud, cheer and sing along. After a quick run through G32 (the disco) we confirmed that there were in fact no single eligible men aboard the ship and called it a night.

Internet access is not as accessible (nor as affordable!) as I had hoped, so the posts may not be as plentiful as planned, but again, thanks to my brother I do have a laptop to which I can upload photos, so enjoy the first few shots.

Much more tomorrow when we land in Tortola …

Hugs & Kisses,
Kenna and Susan

P.S. Tried to upload photos but connection got hung up; will try again later.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Yes, I know, they predicted 1-3 inches, but still I was surprised to wake up and see the white stuff blanketing my world.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

November Settles In

Cold. Raw. Rainy. It's November in the northeast. Brr.

Have done a fair amount of running around today. Last minute shopping for the cruise and a trip to the grocery store. I think I was ahead of the rush there. Still trying to wrap up loose ends for theis fund raiser before I go. Received good news from a second bank today - they are throwing $500 our way. The news wasn't as good from the local financial services firm - they took a pass. Still waiting to hear from the local Honda dealer, and I have a few more follow-up calls to local deep pocket individuals. And I never heard back from the local builder - I'm not surprised. Guess I'll just have to call again tomorrow.

In four days I will be aboard the Queen Mary 2. Yippee! I'm still having computer issues. I'm hooked up to an external monitor now, backing up my files. My brother is going to send up an 'extra' laptop from his company with my parents tomorrow, so I'll be downloading photos to that and doing posts (with photos!) as planned.

I just want to get there. Twelve days of warmth and bliss. And outstanding food lavishly prepared by someone else. I'll be so spoiled when I return.

I hope I don't break down and cry the day I have to go back to work.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Look At The Bright Side

At least my computer crapped out before I went on the cruise.

Spent several hours hooked up to an external monitor today, and I think the built-in monitor is fried - again. If you recall, this POS burned out on me about a year and a half ago and it was still under warrenty, so Dell replaced the screen. And now it's gone.

I can work on it as long as I have an external monitor, but I'm not about to lug that with me on vacation. I already made plans to borrow my mother's camera memory card, so I'll be able to take lots of pictures, but unless I go out and buy a new laptop (which I just might do - I was thinking about getting a new one soon anyway) I won't be able to post my vacation photos until after I return. Which sucks - I really want to be able to post photos.

I suppose I could try to take this to the Geek Squad, but honestly, if The Man and I couldn't fix it after fiddling around with it this afternoon, I don't think it's fixable. Last final step is to back up all my data (photo files take up a LOT of space, I hope I have enough zip disks to get them on backed-up) and then wipe the hard drive - just in case it really is a software conflict issue.

I think John's right - the puppy peed in my 'puter.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stops and Starts

It was a day of stops and starts. First it was the sound on my laptop. Every now and then conflicts arise. Not sure what it was ... iTunes starts arguing with Winamp and the next thing you know, no one is talking. I really wanted to hear those Chinese students lipsynching. So, I fixed that.

Then, tonight my printer started acting up. A print job got hung up and for the life of me I couldn't cancel it. Only fix I could figure out was to uninstall the print drivers and reinstall. So I did. Yeah, me! Now I have a fistful of online coupons to use on my big shopping trip tonight.

Now I can rest in peace.


Well, things are looking up. A little.

In the last few days we managed to secure another $1,000 in sponsorships for this fundraiser. And I've been fairly successful in the follow-up calls I've made today. No firm commitments, but no hang-ups either. Spoke to the president of one of the local banks, and he promised he would get back to me next Wednesday.


I tried calling a few old friends this afternoon but couldn't get through. I think I'm going to go to the Chamber mixer tonight - so I can say, yes, I'm a member, and I work for this company! Yeah, it's just an excuse to get out of the house and have a drink.

Another upside of going back to work? My employer will be responsible for keeping me warm from 8:00 - 5:00 and I can set back my thermostat during the day and save on heating costs. Not that I'm not doing that already ... it's just now I won't be sitting in the cold by this time of day.

Time for another cup of tea - not that I'm drinking it, I'm just holding it to keep my hands warm!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Procrastinating. Again.

Or maybe it's still.

I just don't want to deal with this fund raiser any more. I could be making more follow up phone calls. But I'm not.


You can take the girl out of development, but you can't take development out of the girl.

I saw this story online today, and while most people think about the implications to the sports world, I'm just wondering how much the folks at Bucknell are salivating over the potential bequest?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Let the Decorating Begin

I love decorating for Christmas, but I'm conscious of decorating too early.

Of course, never before Halloween. And even if you put decorations up, you never turn on the lights before Thanksgiving. So when is it okay to begin decorating?


Over the weekend I saw several houses that had icicle lights up and on. And at least one of those giant lighted Santas. So yesterday I dragged out my exterior garland and hung it on the porch. Of course the lights don't work, so I'll need to buy new strands - again. But that's okay because I can't turn the lights on until after Thanksgiving anyway, right? Still, it looks like today is going to be above average temps again, so I think I'll see if I can get the lights and string them today because it's hard to do when it's cold outside.

I would put up the interior garland too, but I'm going to have to wait on that because my parents are coming for Thanksgiving and they are bringing their two dogs, and I'm sure that the puppy won't be able to resist jumping and biting and pulling them down.

I've already started my online shopping, and I'm going to the outlets with Mary and Susan on Friday, so I'm not too worried about the stress of the holiday season. Next task - getting those photo Christmas cards ordered!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sunshine Makes Me Smile

And right now I've got a huge grin on my face.

Looks like it's going to be a glorious weekend here in my corner of the great Northeast, and I intend to enjoy it. Yesterday was fairly productive. Made a number of follow-up calls for this fund raiser that I'm chairing (this is the LAST. ONE. - I swear) and then ended the day having a great dinner with The Man.

On today's agenda - leaf raking, fence post digging and hydrangea mulching. Honestly, if I just get those three things done, I should pat myself on the back and congratulate myself on a job well done. But just in case I have the urge to be an over Achiever, I'll add article writing, photo ordering, photo sending (it's been too long since Deb has had a package photo post), and press release writing.

Why am I writing a press release, you ask? Oh, just so I can tell the world that I GOT A JOB! Of course I did it all back asswards. I took a huge pay cut. I'm going to be working 40 hours a week instead of 37.5 or 35 hours/week like my jobs in academe. I'm going to have to commute in my car. I probably will be living paycheck to paycheck.

But it's not a development job. And I'll be learning something new. And there are no nights or weekends or travel involved. I'm going to be a freakin' internet marketing coordinator. How cool is that? I start Dec 12 - after my 12 day cruise on the Queen Mary 2. In my upgraded balcony room. Spending my $400 rebate because the cruise line actually reduced their prices. Sipping pina coladas with my faithful sidekick Susan.

Seriously? It doesn't get any better than this.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Dumb Ass

I got some misdirected mail the other day, and instead of walking two blocks over to drop it off, I left it in the mailbox hoping the mailman would deliver it for me. I was a little annoyed when I saw that the mail was still there, and that there wasn't any new mail for me. What, was this one of those stupid regulations? The delivery person can't pick up outgoing mail from my box?

Then I went back to making some follow-up phone calls, and I got voice mail at the bank - very unusual. And then I remembered. It's Veteran's Day. A federal holiday. Banks and the post office are closed.

Can you tell I'm no longer a state worker and I've totally lost track of the days?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Do You Sudoku?

Yeah, I know, I'm late to the game. It's addictive, I tell you!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Random Thoughts

I voted today. I hope that the Democrats win a few seats on city council if for no other reason than to send a message to the Republicans who ran a totally negative smear campaign.

I'm pretty sure I had a few Bath & Body Works body creams laying around, and I can't find them anywhere. And now I'm out. I need my body cream! Just got a $10 off coupon in the mail today, but I can't use it until 11/18 - and I need the lotion now!

I'm trying to watch what I eat and pump up the workouts just a tad - because I leave on vacation in 18 days!

I'm not much of a cook but I do have a few signature dishes that The Man finds quite tasty. I need to add a few more to the repetoire. Let me know what you got.

Changing Demographics

I'm updating my profile with an online business publication, and I removed information related to my former employer and updated my annual household income.


I'm suddenly in a different demographic. I guess I hadn't thought about that previously. You don't ordinarily share your income with your friends, but sometimes when you are requesting a service or applying for a loan or trying to find a new place to live, you need to reveal your income.

And now I wonder how I would be treated if I had to go to my local bank. Would they even bother to take the time to talk to me? You just know that your name is on a list out there somewhere, and information about you can be bought and sold. Instead of Williams-Sonoma and Schwitzer Linens, will I suddenly start getting Lillian Vernon and JCPenney catalogs?

Food for thought.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Picture Perfect

It's been a picture perfect weekend. Sunny skies, warm weather. Too bad I spent most of the day inside yesterday - a commitment that I had to keep. Looking out the window right now, thinking about all I could/should be doing in the yard, but also thinking about the article that I need to finish researching and writing today. Not to mention the photos I've been meaning to send ... the Trucklet which needs to be cleaned and floor mats that need to be swapped ... the laundry ... the phone calls ... the porch ... the unpacking from Vegas (I'm really bad that way) and the pre-packing for the cruise ...

Yeah, whatever. I'm going to go outside now and enjoy this weather while it lasts.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Even Bore Myself

Like Sally, I think I've lost my mojo.

This blog just isn't what it used to be. It's lost its umph. And it's not because of the other blog - things are suffering over there too.

Don't know what it is. Maybe the mystery is gone now that I've shown The Face. Maybe it's because I'm not working, and that's really where I got my inspiration. Maybe it's because I'm happy and satisfied with my life and I have nothing to bitch about.

No one wants to hear about how busy I am all the time and how I don't know how I ever found time to work. Because you're all busy too - and most of you are working. But honestly, I'm not just sitting around eating bon-bons and watching soaps. I am constantly busy. Like today.

Went to the gym for my pilates class and then snuck in a tanning session. Came home, checked email and made a few calls, showered and got ready for my 1:00 interview. Had the interview (it went well, I think, but I wasn't as prepared as I could have been) and then stopped at the thrift store on the way home. (Got a cute sundress for the cruise, Susan - only $5.99!) Grabbed a late lunch to go, came home and made a few phone calls and then off to a 3:45 meeting. Stopped at the bank and the library and came home shortly after 5:00 p.m. See? The day is gone!

I used to blog when I was procrastinating at work. The lack of posts (or, at the very least, the lack of numerous posts throughout the day) is actually an indicator of how busy I am - not looking for ways to kill time.

Okay, that's it for now. Except for one thing ... does anyone else find it odd that this blog was the 17th result for this search? (And odder still, the searcher clicked through to read?)

"my wife is not in love with me anymore why?"