Thursday, July 29, 2004

Parting Thoughts

I'm leaving work for the day because a) it is 5:00 and 2) I haven't done a damn thing all day so I might as well leave and go do something productive like weed the flower beds back at the hacienda.

But before I go, a parting thought - mull it over and get back to me tomorrow:

I've got to throw a bridal shower for my brother's fiance.  Help.  It's her first marriage, his second.  She's having at least two other showers.  She's 34 years old.  She's been living with my brother in his small but completely furnished house for the past five years.  What could she possibly need?  Looks like we'll be doing a "family" shower - and you know what a yawner that will be.  Grandparents and cousins and such. 

What can we do to avoid the sappy shower game crap yet still make it fun (keeping in mind that this is a family shower and in my family, those two concepts [family and fun] don't always go hand in hand)?

Word Of The Day

I made a good guess on this (sorcery = witchcraft; magic; wizardry etc.) but couldn't stand not knowing for sure.  So Barrie, here is the official definition:

en·sor·cell or en·sor·cel   
v. en·sor·celled, or en·sor·celed en·sor·cel·ling, or en·sor·cel·ing en·sor·cells or en·sor·cels

To enchant; bewitch.

Today's Forecast: Sun!

Okay, the audio post from my desktop landline was MUCH better than the one I made from the cell phone.  But it's nice to have the option, especially when I don't have internet access.

Yet another rain storm last night, just as I was about to return the rental car and walk home.  Decided it could wait - dropped off the car this morning and then walked over to the house to get a few more things that I needed (my pink butt pack and my blue windbreaker) and then rode my bicycle the mile and a half back to the attic apartment.  Looks like I need to drop by the house tonight to do some gardening.  Good excuse to drop in on the unemployed boy next door and make sure he hasn't forgotten about me.

He's now trapped three of those lovely opossums and claims he's tired of transporting them down to the creek for relocation purposes.  I keep telling him that he's doing the entire neighborhood an invaluable service, so we'll see if we can get him to set out the trap once again.  He's already wondered aloud if he's just trapping the same animal over and over, but I don't think so.  I mean, I haven't seen them to see if they are different sizes and such, but if he had a family back there, then I'm not surprised that there are multiple siblings.  Part of me is just wondering how long this can go on!

What do you think, folks?  How many opossums can the unemployed boy next door trap?  We'll give him through the month of August, okay?  I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

From The Desk Of Kenna Fearing

this is an audio post - click to play

Can I Vent?

So my job is a one year renewable contract and I was told in late March that my contract would not be extended beyond June 30, 2005.  Fine.  I'm looking for a new job.  Slowly but surely.  But I still have this job and I'm trying to do my best (although it gets harder and harder every day).  I've received several calls from recruiters over the past few months, and got one just yesterday.  But I think I've gone as far as I want to go in this particular biz, and I'm really looking to make a change but stay in this geographic area.  And I've told my boss that.

So what does he do?  He forwards to me a job posting for a similar job 30 minutes down the road.  What part of "I think I want to try something new" did he not understand?  And if he no longer wants to employ me in this role, what makes him think someone else would want to?  He promised that he would give me a good recommendation, which I appreciate, especially since essentially he's firing my ass, but isn't it just wrong to try to pawn me off on someone else?

End of rant.  But the rain continues.

Where Have All The Comments Gone?

Noticed that I'd had my 5,000th visitor and reviewed my SiteMeter stats to see who had been visiting and how they got here.  Noticed a google search on "fear not" that related back to a February post and followed it, and I realized that all my February comments are gone.

Is there some HaloScan statute of limitations that I'm not aware of?  Do comments disappear after X number of days?  If so, bummer.  Sometimes the comments are the best part of the blog!

In answer to my question:

A: All comments over four months old are archived for non-premium members. These comments are simply moved to a different database and are not deleted. This is done to keep the performance of the site at an acceptable level. This restriction does not apply to premium (upgraded) members.

Minor Inconveniences

So, what do you do when you get this error message popping up on your screen:

QTPlayer Tray Icon: qtask.exe - DLL initialization failed

You click okay and hope that it is.  Except the message comes back.  And then it multiplies and next thing you know you've got to click through it 12 times before it goes away but that only lasts a minute or two so you do it all over again and then finally you just reboot and everything is fine for a while but then - you guessed it - it starts all over again.  Went through this three times this morning and then said fuck it.  (Yes, you heard me - those were the actual words I used.)

I downloaded what I thought was a new version of QuickTime and went to install it.  But I was told that the version I had was even newer.  Went through the bullshit of clicking on error messages again and then said screw it.  Uninstalled QuickTime and installed 'new' version.  So far so good. 

Well, I did it.  I signed up for audioblogger.  Will try an audio post this afternoon.  Soon you'll be yearning for the mellifluous sound of my voice.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Worker's Comp

Just received an email regarding employees who are injured on the job and reminding us all that we need to follow an established procedure of filling out an accident form etc. I got a kick out of the accompanying chart which outlined some possible scenarios for which worker's comp would/would not be applicable. These two items, right next to each other, made me laugh  - 

  1. Employee leaves worksite and is injured walking to their car 
  2. Employee is injured while engaging in horseplay at the worksite

You tell me - covered or not? 

Scenario # 1 is not covered and there is a note stating "Coverage ceases the moment an employee leaves our premises."  Is the parking lot not part of the work premises?  What if I trip in that big 'ole pothole?  Nope.  Not covered.

But if I'm goofing off with the mail boy (that constitutes horseplay, no?) and he drops a box on my foot, it's covered.  I love being a state worker.

Stupid News You Can Use

"Punked by Skunk"

Skunk Gel Repels Drug Users, Prostitutes
Sat Jul 24, 9:14 PM ET

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Drug users and prostitutes are turning up their noses at the condemned buildings they once frequented in Richland County. Deputies here have begun using a chemical spray that makes the places smell like a skunk has come calling.

Read the entire story ...

Friday, July 23, 2004

Unintelligent Enlightenment

That's double speak for 'Stupid News.' I got this off my Yahoo! news feed, but somehow it isn't quite the stupid news I've relayed heretofore. This is an interesting blend of intelligence and comedy:

Stooges Parody Wins Faulkner Contest

Fri Jul 23,12:58 PM ET

By EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS, Associated Press Writer

JACKSON, Miss. - Wise guy, eh? Screenwriter David Sheffield won this year's Faux Faulkner contest by imagining what it would've been like if William Faulkner — a Nobel laureate known for thickets of challenging (often parenthetical) prose — had written for the Three Stooges.

Sheffield's 550-word script "As I Lay Kvetching" has Moe, Larry and Curly — "slack-jawed and splayfooted" — renovating a home, with the eye-gouging, nose-twisting slapstick guided by plenty of Faulknerian stage directions:

"At last it is Curly who picks up the plank, rough hewn and smelling of sweet gum, and — feeling the weight and heft and fiber of it — swings it innocently (bending to retrieve the tool, the ball-peen hammer dropped casually on Larry's toe) and feeling the awful force of the blow as it (the plank) catches Moe upside his head..."

The 56-year-old Sheffield, best known as a writer for "Saturday Night Live" and a string of Eddie Murphy movies, returns to his native Mississippi this weekend to perform his script at the 31st Faulkner & Yoknapatawpha conference in Oxford.

[read the entire story here]

Sage Advice

"Life itself is temporary. To go through it avoiding attachment can make it feel even more so. In each brief encounter it is possible to behave in ways that create a sense of closeness so authentic that it remains long after the moment passes. This sense of closeness is something we can keep permanently whether we are at home or at work. The choice is ours."

Frank and Susan Pastizzo
Warm Up The Workplace

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Feeling A Wee Bit Better

Thanks to the wisdom of John Strain, spending the evening with friends, and not falling asleep on the arms of steel couch. 

The last couple of nights I had spent locked up in what was beginning to feel like my dungeon, the attic apartment.  The air is hot and close and even though I'm able to cool the bedroom enough to sleep, it just felt like the walls were closing in on me.  Last night I spent very little time up there save for sleeping, and I feel like a new person.

And I like John's comment about not thinking of my decisions as final.  I've never been a job hopper - I was with my first employer for 12 years and I'm closing in on five years here (which is part of the reason they are showing me the door, but that's a whole complicated union/bargaining thing that I'm not even sure I understand - or want to).  In the old days, folks were told that they shouldn't move around too much.  I'm starting to wonder if the 'rules' have changed.  The Ex did that recently - took a job that he wasn't crazy about just to get out of an organization that was going under.  And less than a year later, he took another job, one which seems to be a MUCH better fit for him.

If I'm honest with myself, I took this job to escape some unpleasant colleagues at the former employer.  I was never really crazy in love with this job - so why am I still here?  This really is the time for me to try to spread my wings.  Try something new.  And if I don't like it, move on.  So there.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Sorting Things Out

I'm feeling out of sorts.

It's a whole jumble of things.  Work.  My personal life.  My living situation.  Life in general.

I just can't seem to focus.  I have no direction.  I know I will feel better if I can just accomplish something, but I don't know where to start.  Well, maybe I do know where to start, but I don't want to.  I just need a big time out.  In some ways I wish that my job had ended on June 30 and I didn't have to keep showing up here every day, pretending like everything is the same.  Because it's not. 

I'm in the middle of an identity crisis.  I don't know who I am or who I want to be.  In some ways I feel like a kid in high school, trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  Well, guess what?  I'm all grown up and I still don't know what I want to be.

I'm old enough and smart enough to know that what I do for a living doesn't define who I am as a person.  But it's very hard to differentiate the two.  Especially when I look through the classifieds and say, "Hmm, that sounds interesting" and one of my friends says "You don't want to do that."  How do they know?  I've had it with the "fast track" job.  I'm perfectly happy with my salary and benefits as they are.  I could even take a pay cut if I wanted to.  How do they know that's not what I want to do?

Ultimately, I need to define this for myself and then stick to my guns and not allow anyone else to sway me with what they think is best for me.  Where were they when I was suffering in a miserable marriage?  I know it will all work out, but at the moment, I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Where's my knight in shining armor when I need him?

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I'm There

I don't know whether or not it has come up here in the past, but I'm a big fan of Survivor.  Once or twice I've contemplated auditioning, but haven't gone through with it.  Now I hear that Canada may be the locale for a future rendition.  Now that I know a Canadian or two, I'm thinking it's a pretty cool place.  Hmmm.

Just So You Know ...

...I'm still here.

I ended up taking yesterday off to finish the move. Even though I cut back (considerably!) on the items moved, it was still a major effort. Just packing up my clothes alone was one load. And up three flights of steps in the midst of 80% humidity.

But I'm out of the house and into the attic until Labor Day. Fell asleep on the ridiculously tiny sofa with arms of steel and have an annoying crink in my neck.

But I'm here.

P.s. Not sure what it is, but I'm having a hard time entering text in the main window; I had to click on the "Edit HTML" window in order to get my cursor in here.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Over And Out

Frenzied packing.  Time to disconnect the wireless router and pack up the laptop and peripherals.  Back to basics - blogging strictly (say it with me folks) On Company Time.  See you on Monday!

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Had a work related coffee date this morning and walked downtown.  On my way back I saw my friend Beth out for a walk with her daughters who are coming up on their 1st and 3rd birthdays.  I rarely see Beth and the girls, even though they only live three blocks away.  What astounded and amazed me was that the three year old recognized me.  "There's Kenna!"  I was blown away.  I had seen her about a week ago, but certainly hadn't spent any time with her.  Just goes to show you the capacity kids have for learning. 
Am having cocktails with my good friend Mary and her husband, and then we are going to the ballet, weather permitting.  Susan was supposed to go with us, but she's begging off.  I'm debating whether I should invite the unemployed boy next door.  I think I will.
4:02 p.m.  Well, I extended the invite and he turned me down.  But I think I got points for asking, and he offered to help with the heavy lifting during my move tomorrow.

Friday, July 16, 2004

It's Raining

9:05 p.m.  I've been in the basement stacking and stashing things and I noticed a small puddle of water along the wall.  Luckily it's not in a spot where it's ruining anything, but not a good sign nonetheless. 
And I finally got rid of my kitty supplies.  I'd gotten the Ex to agree to let the cat visit once or twice after I left.  I know, it sounds silly, but I really missed my cat and I wanted to spend some time with him.  So he let me have him for a week when he was going out of town.  I went out and bought a litter box, a food and water dish, a pooper scooper and food and treats.  And after that one week visit the supplies went into the basement and they've been there for the last two years.
I know I shouldn't be surprised, but all of the cat food and treats had 'magically' disappeared.  Oh yeah, I got mice.  But I've never seen them so let's just pretend that they aren't there, okay?

Nifty Keen!

Oh, these new options are so cool!  And just when I'd gone back to looking up some of my forgotten HTML basics.  Now I can change font size and color with the click of a button.  And I don't need to refer to old posts to remember how to format my img src tags.  Life is good.
Unfortunately this comes at a time when my blogging activity will soon be curtailed.  When I move into my temporary housing this weekend, I lose my home internet connection.  Which is kind of appropriate ... because now ALL my blogging will be done (say it with me) ... On Company Time.
Consistency.  It's a good thing.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Update on the Duggar Family

Inspired by a Yahoo! search that led to this page...

Remember when I dissed the Duggar family for naming child #15 "Jinger?" I thought the pronounciation was JING-er but come to find out it's just their unique spelling for Ginger. Anyway, the last couple of times I've been in the grocery store, I've noticed this table in the 'lobby' area showing a family portrait and what appeared to be a sign-up sheet for appointments (though Lord knows where the portraits are to be taken). It's stuck in the back of my mind, and just recently I realized why.

It's a portrait of the Duggar family! Minus Jinger. Apparently was taken before she burst onto the scene.

Name That Animal

So the unemployed boy next door was complaining that something had eaten all of his annuals. He thought it was a woodchuck, so the other day he went out and bought a trap. He knocked on my door this morning, trap in hand. Inside was one of these animals. Poor boy - even though he grew up in Minnesota, he didn't know what it was.

I educated him with my marsupial knowledge and he went on his way.

P.S. It's an opossum, and the "o" is silent.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I Love A Good Storm

And it is storming up a storm out there right now! Thunder. Lightening. Lots and lots of rain. I unplugged my laptop and am running on battery power. Really don't need to get zapped. Am I safe whilst not connected to power supply? The modem and wireless router are still connected; I suppose they could get fried.

I keep forgetting the SITC (Sex In The City) is on TNT Tuesday nights. I've seen some of the later seasons, but very little from the early and middle years. But I shouldn't be watching television anyway. I should be packing. Moving day is this coming weekend. I'd love to be able to do it in one trip. We'll see.

Crank Call

Okay, it was bad enough that the phone rang at 5:22 a.m. yesterday, robbing me of that last 40 minutes of sleep before the alarm went off, but the call at 2:51 a.m. this morning was just ridiculous.

One ring. Then nothing. I wonder if it's my "please enter the code 4-9-5" caller from the Phillipines again. The phone company actually put a block on those calls, so maybe that's why I'm only getting the one ring. Interrupted what should have been a lovely and much needed eight hours of sleep. Grrr.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Timing Is Everything

Was on the road today and had two very strange things happen to me. I finished my lunch appointment and was sitting in the car attempting to call my next appointment. Got his voicemail and started leaving a message but heard a strange beeping noise. Left the message, and then saw that I had a missed call. Turns out we were trying to call each other at the same time and the beeping noise I heard was call waiting. Not that I would know how to use it ... I happen to think call waiting is rude.

Then, after my second appointment I was pulling out of the parking lot to head home when the phone rang. This freaked me out because I certainly wasn't expecting any calls. It was the unemployed boy next door. I don't even remember giving him this cell phone number. It's my work phone, and I only have the phone with me when I'm on the road. But apparently I had given him the number. He wanted to know if I wanted to go to dinner, but I was still two hours from home and so I took a rain check.

Pretty freaky that these two calls came at exactly the right time.

Monday, July 12, 2004

How Can I Possibly Be Hungry?

I had a decent lunch at Boston Market, a place I haven't eaten in a while. I've been trying to eat less at lunchtime and for the most part have been bringing something to eat. But today I had errands to run (bank, post office, AAA) and so I stopped in and had a full meal. Or so I thought.

The pickings are slim in the fridge at home - trying to get rid of things in anticipation of my move this coming weekend. For dinner last night I cooked up the remainder of a package of bacon and crumbled that over my otherwise tasteless salad. Washed it down with at least half a bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz. Thus the drunken blogging last night.

But I wasn't drinking alone. The unemployed boy next door came over and indulged in two beers. We caught up on the status of each other's love lives (men and women everywhere, but none of them are "keepers" - so we just go on fishing) and made plans to go to the county fair later in the week. He's a decent guy, just not someone I want to get involved with. The topic was actually addressed and even though he said "I love you lots" he didn't mean it in a romantic way. We both agreed that we live in relatively close quarters, and it's best if we keep our private lives separate and private.

Sounds like a plan.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Bedroom Blogging

Gotta agree with Jenica - blogging from bed is not a good idea.

Blogging from bed when drunk - even less of a good idea.

Getting drunk on a Sunday night - let's not even go there.

Stop The Weekend; I Want To Enjoy It

Have been on the go all weekend. Spent 7 hours on the road yesterday just for a brief 4 hour visit with family. But it was worth it - on the way back I stopped at the outlets and got a kick-ass cocktail dress for $63.

Up and to the gym this morning, then weeding and feeding the flower beds for a few hours before going on a garden tour with the girlfriends. Waiting for potential buyer for sofas to stop by - I'm going to try to sell the dining room set too. I told friend Susan that I'm putting the cash in an envelope and we're going to spend it when we go on vacation in August. See something you want? Reach into the cash envelope and buy it.

Spotted several personalized license plates in my travels:

4SAKEN - seen on a rural road out in the middle of nowhere

TALKN2ME - well, whoever was talking to you, you should have told him/her/it to shut up so you could concentrate on your driving and at least do the speed limit, dipshit.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Life In A Small Town

Last night I went to the small town down the road where I lived briefly after separating from the Ex. My main reason for going was to visit a master gardener who was having an open house and plant division sale. She has beautiful gardens and she had split some of her perennials and was selling them for unheard of bargains ($2 for a mature yellow & white siberian Iris? Come to mama.)

After taking in the glory of her garden, I stopped by the local dive that was across the street from where I'd lived for that short period of time. You know the place - just a dark little hole in the wall where the locals go. A place where everybody knows your name - if you're a local. I went there because it was Johnny Love's birthday and I had a gut feeling he would be there.

Johnny Love is one of the boys. I've been sending news about our "girls day out" to him c/o this local dive for several years, and for the past few years, I've even sent him a birthday card, care of the local dive. He bar tends there occasionally, so I knew he would get the card. Even if he didn't, he would have gotten the card.

This is a really small town. Everyone in that bar knew everyone else and their business. They all went to the same high school. They know who dated who and who slept with who and who cheated on who and who got arrested last week. They are, I decided last night, family. They all knew it was Johnny Love's birthday, because it was on the calendar. Yes, they have a calendar upon which all the regulars write their birthdays. Just another reason to celebrate and buy a round for the bar.

In some ways, it was really sweet. The small circle I was drawn into all knew each other and really cared about each other. It was the first time I had met Megan and Kathy, but obviously they've known Johnny Love for years and years. They were the ones who went out shopping to help him furnish his crappy apartment. ("There I was in Wal-Mart, on the phone with Johnny asking what kind of pillow he wanted - soft? medium? firm? And he says, 'I don't know - grab your left breast and get me one like that.' So there I am in Wal-Mart, squeezing my boob and saying no, too soft - better go with the medium.")

I had a beer, and then magically a second one appeared. It seemed as if we were all drinking for free. There was money on the bar, but the bartender didn't seem to be touching it. At one point though, someone did need to ante up, and Johnny Love pulled a wad of bills out of his pocket and peeled off four twenties. He must have cashed his paycheck. And there he was spending it in the bar. And suddenly I felt sad.

I never finished the second beer.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Blessedly Quiet

Both the one who is engaged and the one who is about to be married are out of the office today, and I gotta tell you - it's blessedly quiet. Some people have given me grief about how I pick on them tear them apart at times, but you don't know unless you experience it. The tittering and the tee-heeing is awful. And it's not because I'm getting older - I've never been one to chit chat in the office. I come in, I turn my lights on, I sit down and I immediately begin wasting time by checking personal email and blogging. Eventually around 10:00 I might get around to doing some real work. But I don't distract anyone else in the meantime. So I think I'm entitled to feel morally superior.

Oh - look at that! It's 10:00. Time to go to work.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

So Much For Good Intentions

I had every intention of eating a healthy dinner. Guess it depends on whether you consider half a sponge cake, 1 container of raspberries and cool whip makes a healthy dinner. Oh, and a not quite ripe avocado. I suppose it could have been worse.


Remember when I was complaining about how I couldn't seem to get comment notification to work on this blog? Yeah, well it occurred to me that the reason I wasn't being notified is that I'm not using Blogger comments here. Duh.

So what do you think - switch to blogger comments or employ some other comment notification service? Bloglines? I think I actually signed up for that in March but just didn't follow through with activation (or I was having a blonde moment and couldn't figure it out).

I Had To Do It

Because I do tune in, I had to give 365 Dumps its due. It is now listed in my BlogRolling links. Proceed at your own risk.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Yes, You Can Find That Here

Here are some interesting search queries that recently found my blog:

"colloquialism for taking a crap"
      [Good Lord - I'm the # 1 result!]
"free online template of a letter for a gym telling i will not be renewing my..."
      [what is this - straight out of a Friends episode?]
"Lord & Taylor clinique bonus"
"mary-kate drug addiction"
"mary-kate olsen drug addiction"
"lose 30 pounds in 3 months"
      [if I did, I could wear the slinky red dress again and would say (see next query)...]
"Yes to Playboy"
"jessica cutler playboy"
"kenna fearing" [imagine that!]
"Ashley Olsen slept with boyfriend Matt Kaplan" [it's a question, not a statement of fact]
"palmer chocolate"
"gfic blog"
"David Katzenberg"
"did anyone win mega million" [yes, but unfortunately, not me]

Wilde About Oscar

Just looked up the origin of an adage I'm referring to in an article I'm writing for work (shocking! she's working on company time!!), and discovered it was by Oscar Wilde. In skimming through some of the other quotes attributed to him, I've decided that I'm wilde about Oscar. For example:

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan, 1892, Act III

If I remember, and if blogger cooperates, I'll keep feeding some of my favorites to you from time to time.

Word Of The Day

tau·tol·o·gy n. pl. tau·tol·o·gies

Needless repetition of the same sense in different words; redundancy.
An instance of such repetition.

Logic. An empty or vacuous statement composed of simpler statements in a fashion that makes it logically true whether the simpler statements are factually true or false; for example, the statement Either it will rain tomorrow or it will not rain tomorrow.

If I'm not careful and I hit refresh too many times, my posts will become tautologic.

I Believe

Just heard Fantasia Barrino's first single on my little crappy hometown radio station. Who says payola is a thing of the past? Let the google hits roll.

Answer: Eight

Question: What's the most # of times you've had to hit refresh to get a page to come up?

Blogger has really been bogged down the last few days ... I thought maybe it was my browser, but same thing happens regardless of which browser I'm using. And now even when I do hit refresh, I don't see my most recent post although when working in my account, I can see and edit it there. Weird.

Ah...To Be Young And In Love

Found this article while trying to google someone else.

I wish them well, but they are getting married right out of high school, and I think that is just too young. But don't they make a beautiful couple? The photo almost has an early 70s peace/love/drugs look to it. (Not that I'm suggesting they do drugs - I'm not - it's just the longish hair and funky cuff on her sleeve that remind me of the late 60s/early 70s thing.)

Monday, July 05, 2004

Kashi Galore

Remember when I was complaining that I couldn't find my favorite cereal, Kashi Crunch? Well, ever since then every time I went into the grocery store I would look for it, and if I saw it, I would buy it. I wasn't paying attention, I was just grabbing it whenever I could. This morning on my way home from the gym, I stopped for milk and OJ and out of habit, checked for the Kashi. Miracle of miracles - it was there, and better yet, it was on sale 2 for $5.00. So of course I picked up two boxes:

It wasn't until this afternoon as I was cleaning out the cupboards that I realized I now have five boxes of this cereal. I think it should last me awhile.

Saturday, July 03, 2004


10:18 I can hear the boom, boom, boom of the fireworks at the harness track down the street.

10:43 The finale. Pop, BOOM, BOOM, boom, boom, pop,pop,pop,pop,pop, boom, boom, BOOM BOOM BOOM!

... And Then I Woke Up

The dream is over. There was one winning ticket in last night's MegaMillions drawing, and it wasn't mine. Sorry, folks.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Running Out Of Steam

I'm wiped. Scanning will have to wait. Off to bed I go.

But before I do, here's what I want/need to do this weekend:

1) go to gym
2) get birthday card for dad
3) get $$$ (cash in MegaMillions ticket!)
4) weed the flower beds/rebuild wall where @sshole neighbors backed over it
5) return bottles and cans
6) pick up wine for Susan
7) clean the inside of the car
8) more laundry
9) sand/paint/assemble cubes
10) dinner w/Susan and Cindy
11) avoid seeing John (so far)
12) RSVP to Doug & Vicky's party

Yeah, that's enough.


1) spend 8 hours with Phil - having lunch, cleaning our cars, catching some rays, reading the paper, shooting the breeze, going for ice cream, driving down country roads in the Miata with the wind on my face and blowing through my hair

Mission Accomplished

CD is burned. Next step: scanning the cover. You're gonna love it.

All Night Long

I may just sit here on the couch and blog all night long. Because I can.

Lots and Lots

I've been rather prolific today, so be sure you scroll down and read all of today's posts. In fact, there may still be more to come.

There's Still Time ...

... to send me some love. I just sent Phil out to buy Mega Millions tickets for me. Sweet boy actually came over and had a drink with me. And we're going to get together tomorrow and finish detailing my car. But don't get too excited - we're just friends, as he stressed to a potential landlord earlier this afternoon.

I'm Not Surprised

Guess Who Said YES to Playboy?

She is best known by the coy fictional name "Washingtonienne." She scandalized Capitol Hill this spring with her much-publicized blog that purportedly offered lurid details of her sex-for-money escapades with six unnamed Washington men, reportedly including one prominent appointee of the Bush administration. She was unceremoniously fired from her staff position in the office of Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) when all this was revealed. Now Jessica Cutler, a.k.a. Washingtonienne, has accepted Playboy magazine's offer to pose nude in the November issue, reports The Washington Post.

Click to go to the Washington Post's Web site to see a photo of Jessica Cutler, a.k.a. Washingtonienne.

And that's not all. Infamy brings in the big bucks, apparently. Cutler has also signed a six-figure book deal with HyperionDisney. The book will be titled--what else?--"The Washingtonienne" and will officially be classified as a novel. Not bad for a young woman who said she had to supplement her meager $25,000-a-year Capitol Hill staff salary with more lucrative sexcapades.

Click to read an exact reproduction from Internet Explorer cache of the sizzling "Washingtonienne" blog.

Cutler's book agent, Michael Carlisle of Carlisle & Company, told the Post that their client will not be talking to the media until the book is published next year. But what if her 15 minutes of infamy is up by then?

One can only hope.

Update: Mary-Kate Olsen

Because inquiring minds want to know and this page gets 60+ hits a day from folks looking for information:

Ashley says "she's hanging in there."

You've Got To Be Kidding

Every now and then I get the wackiest responses to my profile. Here's one for you:

I am a: 47 yr old man

located in: someplace 150 miles from me

sense of humor: Goofy: Cartoons still crack me up

favorite things:
I love to watch movies especially foreign cinema. I dont go to the movie theater often,because i watch everything on my 6000 dollar home entertainment system.

job: Technical / Computers / Engineering

income: $35,001 to $50,000

my place: Live with parents

Yeah, just what I want - a nearly 50 year old mama's boy who still watches cartoons on his wicked cool home entertainment system.


Awful quiet out there in bloggerland. Methinks y'all have decided to take an extra long holiday weekend. Lest you think I'm a workaholic, let it be known that I intend on leaving early today too. Lots to do at home. I did four loads of laundry last night (it doesn't seem possible, but I can indeed go for nearly a month without running out of underwear) and have more to do tonight. It's great having three guest bedrooms, but when you fill them up, you also have to change the linens afterwards ...

Fell asleep to the sounds of a thunderstorm last night. The power dimmed once or twice but never truly went out. I had started to watch "Braveheart" primarily because I was folding laundry and hadn't bothered to change the channel, and I found myself getting drawn into it. I turned it off before it got to the large graphic battle scenes. I wouldn't say I have a weak stomach, but two throat slashings were enough for me. I don't know how (or why) people can watch these beheading videos that are out there.

If I don't see or talk to you, have a great weekend, all.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Michelle Sent Me An E-Card

It's adorable; check it out.

(FYI, I replicated it to protect her anonymity)

Of course, the fact that Hallmark is already advertising their Christmas decorations annoys me to no end. I think I'm gonna need more chocolate.

Chocolate: A Legal Alternative to Marijuana

I just inhaled a Snickers bar. I had a chocolate craving that demanded satisfaction. I know why - PMS and all that shit. But I did google "craving chocolate" and here's what I got:

Thursday November 6, 2003

Dear Yahoo!:
Why do people crave chocolate?

Constant Craving
Norcross, Georgia

Dear Craving:
Whether chocolate is physically addictive or simply tastes so good that we develop cultural and behavioral cues that mimic addiction is a matter of some debate. As "The Sweet Science of Chocolate" explains, chocolate contains over 300 distinct chemicals. They undoubtedly play some role in our love for the stuff.

The initial chocolate buzz is probably the result of caffeine and several other stimulants, including theobromine, a substance toxic to dogs. But what about the languid, almost post-coital state of chocolate-induced reverie [yeah, that's where I'm at baby] that many people experience? Scientists at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, California, suggest that the chemicals in chocolate have roughly the same effect on the brain as marijuana.

Chocolate contains a neurotransmitter called anandamide that latches on to the brain's receptors for THC, the active agent in marijuana. This could explain the chocolate high, as well as the chocolate craving. The research, however, is far from definitive -- to get truly high, you'd need to ingest 25 pounds of the stuff.

Other theories suggest that certain carbohydrates present in chocolate raise serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is an active neurotransmitter that is associated with feelings of well-being.

What seems beyond scientific reproach is that to many people, chocolate tastes so good that it is treated like a drug -- it's used for depression, for relaxation, and for celebration.


Clean As A Whistle

Tech support set up Symantec to run a monthly scan on my computer here at work, and I just observed/endured my monthly checkup:

Files Scanned: 107,570
Viruses Found: 0
Elapsed Time: 23:53

Just in case you were wondering. I'm clean. Exchange files with me anytime. Just don't make me exceed my bandwidth.

Sweet. And Sour.

Bout a week ago I noted that I had set up email notification for comments posted on one of my other blogs.


So I went in to tweak my settings here to do the same. No such luck. I've turned it on and turned it off and saved and turned it back on and saved again. Still no email notification re: comments.