Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An Invitation

It was an interesting mix at work today. Busier than all get out in the morning, setting up meetings. We have Outlook, and everyone uses it as their calendar, but ... when setting up meetings with top execs, apparently the preferred method is to call the assistant, have her check the calendar while you hold, and then go from there. So I did that for five different meetings. And before I knew it, it was noon.

A little slow in the afternoon, but then things picked up speed and I ended up being one of the last ones out of the office. I am making friends and influencing people all over the place. Great emphasis is placed on referring to everyone as an "associate." I got a lunch invitation from a fellow associate today. At first I thought, "why would I want to go to lunch with this person, she's 'only' an assistant, and I'm a senior assistant?" and then I pulled my nose out of the air. Uh, hello - maybe because she's worked here longer than you? And she could tell you things and help you get ahead? I can't go into this job with an attitude.

So, to make up for it, I did what any good senior assistant would do. I swallowed my pride and stopped in the bakery on my way home to order a pie for a fellow associate's birthday on Thursday. After all, that's my job.

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