Thursday, March 15, 2007

Surprise guest post!

Just because my blog is on a brief hiatus doesn't mean I can't post over here at Kenna's blog. Right?

You get used to using your blog as an outlet when you're frustrated or down. Or even as a place to post good news, get feedback or just sort of socialize. Maybe I'm going through a bit of withdrawal. That's why I'm over here.

Why is my blog on hiatus, you ask. Or maybe you wanted to ask but were afraid to. Or maybe you just don't care. Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

I'm burnt out (or is it burned out? I don't even care. Well, obviously I care because I question my word usage. But I'm trying not to care.) I don't feel I have any fresh offerings for my adoring public, all 11 of them (and I think I'm exaggerating the numbers a bit in my favor.) I'm all whiny and "boo-hoo, I can't find a job" and "Wahh! Nobody likes me!" and "Tsk, my neighbor annoys me!" God, how can those 11 people even stand it?! How is it none of them have gouged out their eyes with toothpicks so they won't have to read another bit of crap from me? I don't know. Maybe they HAVE gouged out their eyes and then promptly bought computers for the blind, the kind with Braille keyboards and a sexy automated voice to read aloud whatever is on screen. I'm not sure how it works but I'd like to know.

Where was I? God, I hope Kenna deletes this. She'd be completely justified - I'm tainting her blog with my drool-flecked blabbering.

Why does a person put their blog on hiatus and then pop on over to buddy's blog to corrupt it? I'm depressed, that's why. I'm unhappy and misery loves company so I'm generously sharing.

There are other reasons - for the hiatus, I mean. Not for corrupting another person's blog. I have no further reasons for that. Sorry Kenna. But I won't go into that now. I'll save that for another late night pity party/buddy blog corrupting fest.

Later taters!!

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