Monday, October 03, 2005

Busy, Busy!

I'm just blown away by how busy I am.

I haven't had time to blog or to read other blogs. I manage to keep myself busy every day and I don't have time to do anything other than lead a busy full life. Makes me realize just how little I was being asked to do at my job.

So. The job fair. Well, I did have one potential employer show up, and I do have a follow-up meeting later this week. It's a web production company - they create and maintain web sites but also focus on search engine optimization. They are interested in my writing skills and may also want me to do some sales. And I totally plan on claiming all the expenses on my taxes, so it was well worth it!

I went on a house tour with my friend Mary over the weekend. All these great new homes and I wish that I was wealthy and successful enough to own one of them. I could just see myself lounging by that pool, relaxing in that den, reading on that sun porch, sweating in that sauna. In my dreams.

Took Trucklet in for a check-up this morning. Dropped her off and then walked two miles home. Worked on the computer and made some phone calls this morning, and then allowed myself to relax a bit this afternoon. It was a picture perfect day and I deserved to relax in the sun and read a little of the latest issue of "O" magazine, didn't I? Then walked two miles back to the Honda dealership and along the way saw some free chicken wire set out by the road. I picked it up on the way back. I need it to mulch in my hydrangeas and also to put up along the curb to keep the plows away from my brick wall when winter comes.

When winter comes. I'm dreading it. Got my utility bill today and it was $120 and I didn't even use the furnace during September. I'm playing that game with myself - seeing how long I can go before I turn the heat on. With the price of gas, I'm going to push myself to November if it kills me.

Of course, it helps when you have another warm body in your bed to snuggle up to.

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