Monday, October 24, 2005

Clearing the Air

I'm on a cleaning streak. Trying to file the paperwork that I was holding on to over the summer while I was displaced. Started cleaning out my email folders and stumbled on some startling statistics.

Remember Larry? (no, not New Orleans Larry - he was Larry # 3; I'm talking about Larry # 2 - otherwise known as Good Time Larry, right Susan?) And Michael? These were two guys I met at Chamber mixers in Nov/Dec of last year.

[Has it been a year already? Can you believe it?]

Anyway, apparently I had saved just about every email message I exchanged with both of these guys. In the 70 days that my involvement with Larry was ongoing, I exchanged 105 email messages. That's 1.5 email messages per day. From Nov 22 through the end of January.

It gets worse. Between Dec 17 and March 1, (73 days) I exchanged 135 email messages with Michael - 1.84 messages per day.

And I kept every single one.

Yeah ...

Larry moved to Houston and Michael was just a freak. And I still had all of their email messages. Not anymore. Deleted those folders and all of their contents and cut my mailbox storage space in half.

Checked to see how many messages I had saved from Rich. Fourteen. In the 114 days I've known him. By my standards this is a long term relationship. And the fact that I don't feel the obsessive need to save every single email message he's sent me (believe me, we've exchanged more messages than that - I just haven't been saving them) tells me that I trust what he says - I don't need to save email messages to throw back in his face. "But you said blah blah blah."

I think our little Kenna Fearing is growing up.

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