Friday, October 21, 2005

My Tiara

When we were cleaning out my grandparents apartment a few weeks ago, I laid claim to a few small items. A cashmere sweater and a mock turtleneck, both with tags still attached. A humidifier. A leather jacket. And a tiara.

It's just a dollar store tiara, something they gave my grandmother to wear when my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. If you press the magic button, the heart shaped 'emerald' lights up and flashes! I love my little tiara, and I've taken to wearing it around the house. It helps keep the hair out of my eyes and it's more comfortable than wearing a head band. It just makes me feel good.

So I had my tiara on this morning, and completely forgot about it as I went about my business. I wanted to rake the leaves off my lawn and get in a final mowing, so I was out in the yard, and I was just finishing filling my second garbage can full of leaves when I saw the city recycling truck pull up out front. I dragged my can to the curb, and greeted the public works guys when they smiled and said hello. I had my headphones on, but not so loud I couldn't hear them.

I can't recall what he said - something about a crown or being a princess? - but all of a sudden I realized that I was still wearing my tiara! How embarrassing is that? Dressed in my orange sweats and fleece pullover, and wearing a cheap dollar store tiara. Oh well, I said, just goes to show that even yard work can be glamorous!

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