Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cruise Countdown: 42 Days

Did I mention I'm going on a cruise? On the Queen Mary 2? And our sailing date is only six weeks away?

I'm starting to get excited.

And if twelve days on a Caribbean cruise isn't enough to get your panties wet, consider this:

We got upgraded.

Yeah, we signed up for the cheap seats but figured what the hell, we won't be spending much time in the room anyway. We booked early enough so that if there were any upgrades to be had, we were on the list. Maybe, just maybe, we'd get a room with a view.

But The Gods have been smiling on fair Kenna Fearing all year long, and she (and her faithful sidekick, Susan) got upgraded to a balcony! Don't ask us how, we don't care. We're just happier than pigs in shit.

But wait - there's more! Turns out there's a slight change in our itinerary. Sorry, folks, but would you mind if we stopped in Tortola instead of Puerto Rico? I should think not!

And I haven't forgotten my promise for all of you to come with. I am taking my laptop and my digital camera and Susan and I plan on doing daily posts. Just to share the joy - not to rub in the fact that we're on the freakin' QM2 enjoying our balcony view whilst all our meals are prepared for us and we're dining in the lap of luxury, enjoying the warm sunny weather while all our friends are freezing their asses off in upstate NY.

Can't. Wait.

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