Friday, July 14, 2006

I Tought I Heard a Puddy Tat!

Well, the kitty cat is gone but her memory lingers on.

I could have sworn I heard her meow just a few minute ago. The house feels a little empty without her. But she's back where she belongs, safe and sound with Susan.

Had a little mis-adventure with Trucklet yesterday (you'll want to read this one, Jenica). Turns out I left my sun roof open on Tuesday. It poured overnight on Wednesday. Yesterday, I had a whole lotta water in my car.

So I'm driving to work, all distracted, (and increasingly wet even though I threw a beach towel on the seat) and the next thing I know, I'm bumping the car in front of me at an intersection. Not just any car. The local emergency rescue vehicle. No damage, no injuries, but the local cops had to be called just the same since it was a city vehicle. I gots me a ticket for following too closely. Joy.

And then, when I got home yesterday, I get this bill from my mammogram - last year - and for some unknown reason they reimbursed my insurance company $93 and now want $35 out of me. For a procedure that was done a year ago. Makes no sense.

Can't worry about it now. I've got a full day at The Office and then it's off to a friend's house for a open swim and cocktails.

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