Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pulling Out My Hair

So I have this new job with a financial firm. From day one it was stressed to me that things were confidential. I get it. But who hasn't gotten up from her desk to go to the ladies room? Must I clean my desk and lock my computer every time I leave the chair?

Maybe so.

I lost track of some confidential papers today. I was working on them, along with other things, and I was also drafting a memo to accompany said confidential papers. Got to the point where I wanted to put the memo with the papers and ... where the fsck are the papers?!?

I looked everywhere. I thought about just printing out a new set, but I did the right thing and reported to my boss that the papers had gone missing. We searched everywhere and the papers did not turn up. I retraced my steps and wracked my brain to no avail.

This is, literally, something that I could lose my job over. I'm safe for now, but the office is still on alert. It's bad enough that I might have simply misplaced these papers, but if someone picked them up off my desk and took them, then that's cause for real concern.

Needless to say, stomach churning, head pounding. And yet I'm expected to show up tomorrow morning and put in a long full day. Naturally this happened on the eve of a big event - nearly fifty clients are coming into town tomorrow.

Oy. I'll keep you posted, but since I'm no longer blogging On Company Time, and I'll be working my ass off for the next two days, let's all just assume that no news is good news.

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