Saturday, July 15, 2006

Living in the Twilight Zone

It was a late night last night. I didn't get home until 12:30 and when I came upstairs to go to bed, the heat hit me like a furnace. I grabbed my favorite pillows off the bed and went right back downstairs to the master suite to sleep.

Just woke up a few minutes ago and thought, "Ugh. It's only 7:00. I wish I could have slept later, but oh well. Might as well get up and do a few things before heading out to do my errands and mow the lawn." And then I came back upstairs (where, mercifully, it had cooled off to 78 degrees) to check my email and I went "Huh?"

The clock on the computer says it's an hour later than I thought. Since I haven't been using the downstairs suite, I never bothered to change the clocks for daylight savings time! So I actually got an extra hour of sleep, but now I'm feeling rushed to get out, run my errands, mow the lawn, get packed and hit the road by noon.

Oh yeah - did I mention? Road trip!

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