Saturday, August 19, 2006

Misfiring Synapse

Or is that synapses? Either way, mine seem to be malfunctioning. I know that I have had bursts of brilliant thoughts that I wanted to record here, but by the time I get to my keyboard ... nothing.

Chalk it up to being over 40. It's true - everything starts to go.

I'm sitting here in my underwear; Rich is across the room on his computer playing with the sound system for his guitar. No sun today; it's overcast and - hey, is that rain? Yes, it is raining. So the little hike we were trying to plan probably won't happen now. Who knows - I could end up spending all day inside just playing on the computer, organizing my files, printing out new recipes.

Maybe not such a bad day after all.

I hate to say it, but not saying it won't make it not true, so here goes.

The leaves are starting to change. This is the point where I should save as draft, get my camera, take a picture, come back and download, and then upload for you to see:

Changing Leaves

Bits of yellow on the beech trees, and I think there is some orange/red on the maple - check out the upper right corner of the photo. Summer is almost over.

Some people really like fall, but I'm not one of them. I don't hate it, but it's not my favorite season. I'm more of a spring/summer kind of girl.

So, while I'm at it, here are a few other photos of my temporary summer home:

The Back Yard Mountain Driveway Adirondack Wilderness Oh, Deer!

In the mean time, my brother called. He and his wife are up visiting her brother and sister-in-law (who live about a half hour south of me) and so now I have something to do on this rainy Saturday - we're going to meet them for lunch.

Maybe when I get back I'll spend more time updating my photos and/or organizing my iTunes - two projects I said I was going to work on while staying with Rich and neither one have I attempted.

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