Friday, June 01, 2007

22 Days Later ...

... I get around to responding to Sue's tag.

I'm supposed to reveal seven random facts or habits about me.

1) I pace when I brush my teeth.
2) Yeah, I admit it - I pick my nose.
3) I was once arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
4) Lately I've gotten in the habit of only drinking half of my morning cup of General Foods International Coffee (French Vanilla, of course). I put the other half in the fridge and have iced coffee as soon as I get home at the end of the day. I don't know why.
5) I've got a pile problem. And it's growing
6) I won't know unless I pull a Britney, but I suspect that if I were to shave my head I would have a very shapely noggin.
7) I daydream about hitting the lottery.

Had a lovely evening. Met up with Denise and Amy for dinner and then we strolled around the park chatting for a while longer. Bumped into the local newspaper photographer and since we all knew him, no introductions were necessary. Now I know I've been living here a long time when I know the local news photographer and all my friends do as well.

Was at my final pilates class in the park (a different, bigger park) the other night and there was a concert going on. We asked some of the kids who was playing and when they told us Fall Out Boy and Paul Wall we said, huh? Then one of the guys said, "Sorry, Neil Diamond and James Taylor are more your speed." Why yes, yes they are.

It's official. I'm no longer young and hip.

Notice that I didn't say I'm old, because I'm not. I'm just not as young as I used to be.

Was walking to work yesterday and bumped into an old acquaintance who just happens to be celebrating her 25th college reunion this weekend. I told her that I was floundering, professionally. She looked at me and said, "Yeah, you're right about that age."

It hit me - it's not just me! I'm not the only one going through this "is this all there is? Shouldn't my life have more meaning?" phase. It still sucks, but at least I was reminded that I'm not the only one singled out for this misery. Welcome to my world.

More later. Or some other time. Whenever.

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