Friday, June 22, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

I saw the announcement a while ago but I didn't have time to comment/reflect on it until now.

Jenica is gone.

Oh, she's still out there, but she decided that for the good of her career, she needed to take her thoughts about work elsewhere. I know from whence she comes.

This blog started as an outlet when I was in a job that bored me to tears. In its early years, I frequently posted from work and I even joked about it in naming my blog by adding the tag line "On Company Time." The blog has never been solely focused on work - heck, it's never really been focused on any one thing. But all the same, I started it using a pseudonym and I have been pretty careful to protect my 'real' identity from anyone who might know me.

As Jenica points out, it's pretty difficult to remain truly anonymous when you are posting your thoughts and opinions out there for the whole wide world to see. And as careful as I thought I was, I know that my former employer discovered this blog and has been checking it fairly regularly since last fall. Curses on those computers that 'help' you by remembering every email address you entered and providing them whenever you pull up a web form asking for username/email address!

I've enjoyed Jenica's blog and I'm going to miss it. Oh, sure, I can email her and ask her for access to the now hidden site. But then if I link to her eventually someone will come across the link and she'll be outed once again. No, I won't ask her for access, but if she offers to provide it to me then I'll stop by every now and then just to check in and see how things are going.

Fare thee well, Jenica and Drew. I will miss you.

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