Friday, June 29, 2007

Let's Get It Started In Here

Remember how I said something's gotta give and that we were just waiting for the party to get started? Well, 2007 is gonna rock and the partying has begun!

First I hear from Sally that she found her missing mojo - she's gotten rid of a toxic relationship that was dragging her down AND she got a new job. Then I hear from The Man. Turns out he has a job offer pending! And finally, I managed to connect with an old friend from high school - someone I hadn't talked to in years - and we talked for an hour an a half, like it had been 22 days instead of 22 years since we'd seen each other.

And to top it all off - Trucklet came home today, good as new and I secured an adorable studio apartment for a little mini girls getaway weekend. Everything is coming up roses.

And believe it or not - it all happened on what would have been my 16th wedding anniversary AND I already had a porch party scheduled for tomorrow night.

The planets they are aligned.

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