Friday, August 05, 2005

Eh - Fuck It

I was trying to keep to the whole "Unemployment: Day Whatever" theme like I did when I took my unused vacation days back in May and June but you know what? Fuck it.

This is so not about being unemployed.

That is not my focus right now. Right now I am relaxing and just enjoying life. And that's okay. (Bold and italicized to underscore the point to myself.) At some point, probably soon, I will be focused on my employment status, and maybe then I'll pick up the mantra, but for now, I just don't care.

The internal alarm clock had me up at 6:30 again. Looks cloudy and overcast out there today, so I'll need to be especially careful when I go outside - I know that it's days like these that can fry my lily white skin. Which is not so lily white since I've been going to the tanning booth since April, but still.

Okay - off in search of breakfast. More later.

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