Thursday, August 18, 2005

There's Gotta Be A Word For It

What do you call it when you're attracted to and repelled by something at the same time? Because for some strange reason I feel that way about Scott Grimes.

I keep hearing his song "Livin' On The Run" on the radio, and this is after his cover of "Sunset Blvd." I find myself singing along and liking the song, but at the same time I'm thinking, "Scott Grimes? Scott Grimes?"

I really detest his character on "e.r." (yes, I know - it's the character I detest) but at the same time, I remember him being a character on "Party of Five" which was one of my favorite television shows. My Ex used to make fun of me for watching it, but I thought it was a good show.

So I have a love-hate relationship with Scott Grimes. Do I or don't I download the song? I am anxiously awaiting your response - and the ensuing debate about my musical tastes.

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