Friday, August 12, 2005

If It's Saturday ...

... I must be in Seattle.

What a long trip it's been! As you heard in the audiopost, the train ride from LA to Spokane had a few twists and turns. We were dumped off the train in Klamath Falls OR when they realized that the train was already 3 1/2 hours behind schedule and there was no way we would make our Portland connection. So we prepared for seven hours on the bus. And it was all going swimmingly until we blew a tire just outside of Biggs, OR. It just so happens that I took a few photos at the crossroads where we stopped before the tire blew:

It wasn't all bad - the driver immediately called for repairs and put "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" into the video system. As luck would have it, the train out of Portland was late as well (surprise, surprise) and we did make the connection in Pasco WA around 10:00 p.m. Finally arrived at 1:00 a.m. on Weds.

Enjoyed the last two days in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. Have really enjoyed reconnecting with my friend Martha - she introduced me to something called The Derailer - I think it's slang for train wreck, because with seven shots of alcohol, it's bound to knock you on your ass:

Just got back from a nice seafood dinner and we're skimming through all of the pamphlets and brochures trying to decide what we're going to do tomorrow. More stories and photos later; have a good weekend, all.

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