Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Old Friends

Yup, procrastinating again. I really should (I hate that word and the way it makes me feel) be writing up a follow-up note to that potential event sponsor I spoke to yesterday, but I thought I'd weigh in here first.

My old friend Jim called me last night and we met for a drink. We were supposed to have seen each other at an event last Thursday, but things got hectic for him at work and he couldn't get away.

Jim is a good guy, but quite frankly, I think he's an alcoholic. He always drank - a lot. He was such a high functioning alcoholic that when I last saw him about a year ago, I didn't even realize he was drunk at the time. He's cut way back on his drinking in the last year, however, and I think he knows he has a problem. "Yeah, I'm not drinking as much. And I realized that when I do drink, I drink to oblivion." Glad he's cleaned up his act.

I have another set of old friends that I'm preparing to see this weekend. My old college chums. Most of them got married around the same time I did, with the exception of Scott who is (finally!) engaged to be married in January. It's going to be a little strange seeing them all again because they all still married and have two or three kids. It's hard to think of them as responsible adults - these are the people I partied with, the people who lived with me on the third floor, the people who I will always remember as being 19.

I only see them every 4 or 5 years or so, so I'm going to have to squeeze a whole lot of catching up into the weekend. And I guess that starts with doing what needs to be done today. Later.

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