Friday, March 17, 2006

Collecting As A Hobby

First of all, I have been a collector.  I am still a collector.
But it just struck me that as a hobby, collecting is sad.  I'm updating this damn catalog, and one of the items I just checked was a collection of car-related videos.  Yes, somewhere out there, people are spending good money to collect videos (or DVDs or CDs or what have you).
Now, your average every day collector is just fine.  I have all of John Grisham's books in hard cover.  I've read them, I've enjoyed them, and I intend to keep them.  Not a big deal.  I probably don't even qualify as a collector.
But what about the die-hard collector? The person who thinks it is vitally important to have every one of those Precious Moments figurines?  Who collects the limited edition Disney prints?  Who really thinks that that complete collection of Hess trucks is really going to be worth something some day?
I don't know.  It just struck me as sad ... that someone's life could be so empty that they fill it with collectibles.

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