Friday, March 10, 2006

Good Things

Went home last night, spent half an hour on the treadmill, read some Harry Potter, and watched Survivor with Mary.  Got a decent night's sleep (didn't wake up until 5:52 a.m.) and today the sun is out.  It's definitely a better day today than it was yesterday.
Was reading a story about a woman who won $17,700 on Wheel of Fortune, but didn't win the grand prize of a Mini Cooper.  And there was a link in the story so I went on over and applied to be a contestant.  Said I was interested in "Best Friends" week - Susan, are you ready for another adventure?  Because I know Wheel of Fortune is going to call.  Remember that piece of the story line in " White Men Can't Jump"?  Rosie Perez's character was convinced that Jeopardy was going to call - and they did!
Anyway, I'm sure Susan and I can do a better job solving the puzzle on Wheel of Fortune than Sally and Dan did on Survivor last night.  Astronaut my ass.  He deserved to be voted off the island.
Just traded a few messages with my sister-in-law.  We have a little friendly wager going.  We're going to see who can exercise more in the next two weeks.  We were both complaining about feeling crappy and not having any energy.  So, we agreed to have this little competition.  She suggested that our goal be to lose five pounds in the next two weeks.  I know it's possible, but for me that is going to mean really working out! 
We'll shall see.

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