Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mixing It Up

You all know I'm a Survivor fan.  And I've been known to watch American Idol too.  In fact, I've been watching this season pretty regularly, and I have a few thoughts.
I think they should mix it up.  Instead of voting for the person you want to keep in the competition, vote for the person you want to send home, the way they do on Survivor.
It would solve several problems.  First, at this stage of the game, there may be several competitors who you want to keep around for another week.  Who has time to spend calling in for multiple contestants?  It's bad enough that folks can (and do) sit there and hit redial over and over and over and over again.
If you're voting for the person you want to send home, it's one call.  Several if you really want to see him/her go and you have the patience to sit there and redial (hell, I fell asleep before the show was over last night so I didn't vote at all - guess that speaks volumes about how important I really think this is, but I'm going to continue making my point anyway).
The folks over at Vote For The Worst operate on this principle in reverse.  They are using the current voting system to keep the worst contestant around, thereby helping to make a mockery of the process (and yes, many would argue that the entire process deserves to be mocked!).  And in many respects, they are right.  This isn't a talent show - it's a reality show.  It's good TV to keep bad contestants around for awhile.  If they didn't, we wouldn't have anything to debate at the water cooler.
Anyway.  Since I fell asleep last night, I can't venture a guess as to who will go home tonight.  But I'm amazed and impressed with those who can and do predict these things.  And here's a connection that I'm not sure anyone has made.  You know how everyone refers to Kevin Covais as "Chicken Little?"  And how Vote for the Worst is campaigning to keep him in the competition?  It may be having a bigger impact than anyone realized.
Have you seen the sales figures for the "Chicken Little" DVD?

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