Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ripped From The Archives

It's amazing what "sticks" in cyberspace.
I started this blog two years ago.  It's just a bunch of random as they hit me thoughts.  I have no real purpose here. I'm just a girl, an ordinary girl who occasionally says what's on her mind.
So two years ago I poked fun at an unnamed family in an unnamed state.  And to this day, I get traffic from folks looking for information on that family.  I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess.  But what really tickles me is two years later people actually click through to this blog and leave me little hate notes.  Like this one:
"I was very insulted when my friend told me about a site that critisized my name. My fathers name is not [bleep] and Ive been on this planet for 25 years and what does it matter if there is people named [bleep] or [bleep] or [bleep] or anything for that matter. I have recieved more compliments about my name than insults. At least my parents were not only honoring my grandmothers name but also was creative in doing so. At least they are not commited to maintaining the same names as all other generations. Dare need I say the names that are being used redundently because the lack of creativeness there of. For the one who posted about naming there child [bleep], I hope this name haunts you and sticks with you for the rest of your boring life.
  Why do people take things so personally?  You'd think I stood outside this woman's house and yelled profanities for hours on end.  Honestly, I guess I should be flattered that my opinion meant so much to someone else.  But still.  Get a life.
It's like the stupid eBay forums that I have to peruse as part of my job.  Talk about lowest common denominator.  People are downright mean and petty.  Have they never heard of the old saying "If you can't say something nice, then don't say something at all?"  I posted a question about how to get a buyer's phone number, and while one person responded and actually pointed me in the right direction, two others chose to berate me for even asking the question.  They didn't know my need/motivation for asking the question - and they didn't need to know.  I have an honest question.  If you can give me an honest answer, great.  If not, keep your mouth shut.
There.  I've vented.

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