Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tackling My Piles

My plan for this weekend was yardwork, but Mother Nature has other plans. It's been especially dry, so I shouldn't complain about rain. I managed to get a good start on leaf removal last night and I dug up a few stray bleeding hearts. There are six bags and two cans of leaves at the curb - I've done enough.

So, instead I'm going to start tackling my piles. I have them everywhere. I need to find a final resting place for my stuff. Let's just hope I can resist the urge to skim/read those newspaper articles - after all, I saved them for a reason, didn't I? And do you think I can consolidate those two boxes of high school memorabilia into one?

Who knows what I'll do with the carefully preserved wedding gown that yellowed anyway. Is there someone out there who wants to buy it for the yards of satin and whatever lace trim is still salvageable? Or should I just wear it to my next party? Wait - nix that. The dress fit me in 1991 - now, probably not so much.

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