Friday, May 19, 2006


Unlike today - a dreary, rainy, damp day - yesterday was unexpectedly warm and sunny. I made good use of the break in the weather to get some yard work done.

So I'm out in the yard, raking some leftover leaves in the beds, and as I pull back the rake there's a flurry of activity. I thought it was a mouse or a chipmunk, but then I realized it was a baby bunny! And he was followed by another ... and another ... and another.

They all scurried in different directions and I quickly lost sight of them. Poor things were scared out of their wits. I went to get the camera just in case I spied them again, and luck was on my side. This little guy decided that he wanted to be out in the yard - and so out he hopped. He actually spent quite a bit of time sunning himself (at one point I wondered if he was still breathing) and he was still there when I left.

Yeah, they're kinda cute, but honestly, I'd rather they took up residence in someone else's yard.

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