Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Personal Effects

Tomorrow is my last day at this job. I'm looking around my work space, trying to determine what personal effects I need to take with me at the end of the day tomorrow.

I already took home the three pairs of shoes (black, brown, blue) that I had under my desk. In the winter, I wear my boots (how sensible of me!) and just switch to one of the pairs of shoes when I arrive. I also already removed the standing file folder rack - it was something I had at home and wasn't really using, and it came in handy here to keep frequently used files in front of me on top of my desk, but I wasn't about to just leave it here.

So, all that remains to be carted home:

* the page-a-day desk calendar
* my mug, spoon and spoon rest
* a small plate that I used as needed to heat up leftovers for lunch
* a small sharp knife - in case I needed to cut an apple or something
* a bag of individual packets of Sweet 'n Low
* a combination salt shaker/pepper mill

That is all. No personal photos. No plants. Nothing that would have indicated that I was getting comfortable here. Because I wasn't.

I'm outta here!

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