Saturday, May 20, 2006


Got all congested yesterday; took a nap and went to bed early and slept fairly well despite the stuffy nose.

Bunny update - the UBND's girlfriend moved the sun worshiping bunny Thursday evening. It was getting late and rain was moving in, so she picked him up (using gloves) and put him back in the nest. I didn't see him yesterday, but just now when I was out there, I could see a bunny amidst the leaves and grass. So, at least one of them survived.

Went to the gym this morning.

Saw The Da Vinci Code.

Didn't win The Da Vinci Code Quest on Google. Didn't even qualify as a finalist. Bastards.

Trying to hook my laptop back up to wireless network and every time I insert the PCMCI (or whatever the hell it's called) card my system crashes/reboots. I think I just need to buy a new laptop, dammit.

Got my final paycheck today.

I still have the next 10 days off.

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