Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Not quite as exciting as yesterday's EWE 4IC ... guy was driving a Honda or a Toyota or something and he didn't look none too exotic to me.

I, on the other hand, was stylin' as I drove to work this morning - in the company Mini Cooper. I was chatting with the owners yesterday and said how I really should drive the car so I would know what all the fuss was about, so at the end of the day they handed me the keys and told me to take it home.

I'd never driven a 6 speed before, so it was fun seeing how fast it would go, especially in morning rush hour traffic. I got it up to 90 at one point and then backed off - no need for any accidents or tickets. I'll have to drive it on a winding country road sometime to see how it handles the curves; for the most part I was on the straight away.

I did pretty well for someone who drives an automatic every day. I've driven stick shift before, but it's been awhile. Was very proud of myself for not stalling anywhere - not even on hills or when I accidentally started out in third gear instead of first (that gear box takes some getting used to!).

Fun way to start the day, eh?

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