Tuesday, February 07, 2006


It took me a moment to get that one as I was cruising down the highway ... euphoric.  Good one.
Well, after several weeks of extraordinarily warm weather, winter is back in the great Northeast.  Temperatures in the teens, as it should be. 
This is my own personal hell week ... women's group dinner meeting tomorrow night, Survivor with Mary on Thursday, party at a local restaurant on Friday (The Man and I are co-hosting and serving as poster children for the event - it's the one at which we initially met a year ago ... I cannot believe how quickly the years continue to go by.  It's true, what they say - time goes faster as you get older.), fund-raising event from hell on Saturday and then to top it off - another fundraiser Saturday evening.  At least I didn't organize this one - I'll finally be able to relax and cut loose with a few cocktails.
After that, I'm done.  I swear.  No more organizing fund raisers.  The only thing I'll be organizing is my closet.  Which I seriously need to do. 

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