Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy day after

Happy Black Friday.

My husband and I, despite our "we're not going anywhere near those shopping crazies, no oh no" vows, ended up at the local Ames-replacement general-store-place, where we bought an artificial Christmas tree and a footstool shaped like a stuffed bear. The tree was our goal -- we're going to do the whole "we got married and now we celebrate holidays like a real family" thing, starting with Christmas. Thus, tree. The bear, on the other hand, was an expensive and silly impulse buy, but since Drew has spent all evening alternately taunting the cats with it and carrying it around and making it growl at me, while he laughs like a kid, I'd say it was a good impulse.

Considering that we had steak and yams for Thanksgiving dinner (the big production was postponed due to flu), we did at least celebrate half of the Thanksgiving tradition... the shopping half!

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