Sunday, November 05, 2006


I'm still standing.

I had not one, but two kidney stones. I passed the first one and the second one, well, it's hanging out there somewhere. Maybe it will attack, maybe it won't. Either way, I've got a boatload of Hydrocodone (and a refill!) if it does.

I've heard kidney stones are painful, and I can tell you it's true. It felt like my entire insides were being twisted and squeezed. I had managed to drive myself home from work (only a mile - with the window down and the door barely latched in case I needed to suddenly retch) and to the doctor's office, but when the doctor said I had to go yet another mile down the road for the CAT scan, I called in the reinforcements. Of course, by that time they'd given me a shot for the pain, so perhaps I could have made it, but you know what? I felt better having someone with me.

I'm not sure when I passed the stone, but it was fairly quickly after I'd gone to the doctor. I picked up the prescription and took just one painkiller, expecting to wake up and take another one in the middle of the night. It never happened. I slept well and felt fine the next morning, so off to work I went.

I'm just glad this happened now instead of two weeks from now when I am on vacation!

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