Thursday, July 21, 2005

Unemployment: Day Fourteen

Whoops - really lost track of the days there. Forgot that I'm not counting the weekends in my unemployment count. Also didn't count July 4 as that was a holiday. So, I've been unemployed for two weeks now.

I've received my last paycheck, so the panic should set in sometime soon. Especially since I haven't curbed my spending habits. Plane tickets and hotel rooms don't come cheap, but I'm not going to deny myself - I am going to travel this summer. And the travel continues into the fall - Susan and I are taking a cruise after Thanksgiving.

But lest you think I'm developing bad habits, I'll have you know that I just spent the last two hours preparing a cover letter and resume. The good folks at the unemployment office are going to be asking me what I've done to find a new job, and I can now tell them that I have applied for this position. There is another job that I'm going to apply for tomorrow - but for now, to the pool.

It's just too glorious a day to spend inside.

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