Friday, July 01, 2005

Unemployment: Day One

It's official. I am now unemployed.

Tried signing up for the dole this morning, but if I apply today, my claim is retroactive to June 27. I have to wait until Independence Day to file my claim. How poetic.

Haven't posted the last two days because I was kidnapped Wednesday afternoon. I had planned on having dinner with Susan after getting my hair done, but she had to cancel so I ended up stopping by to see my occasional love interest, George. We drank some wine and then went out to dinner. And then he tied me up and kept me captive Wednesday night. I tried to escape yesterday, but he wouldn't let me go. He forced me to run errands with him and then he served me more wine and took me out to dinner. And then he tied me up again and kept me for another night.

He let me go this morning, but only after I helped him Swiffer up the sawdust in his house.

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