Friday, July 29, 2005

Unemployment: Day Twenty

Things are going well. Maybe too well.

Had a call from an acquaintance yesterday who is aware of my employment status. Turns out he has a job available, but it's not really one I want. He's doing a search but is afraid he may not be able to fill it, at least not as quickly as he would like. He asked if I might be interested in doing some consulting/contractual work. I might. We'll talk when I get back from the west coast.

Then I sent in my resume to a local bank. I'm probably overqualified for the job I applied for, but maybe they have something else available.

Went to the Chamber of Commerce mixer last night and saw a guy who has offered to let me edit his organization's newsletter. I've told him yes, but not until September. Just have too many things going on. Ran into a mortgage loan consultant who seemed to think that I could be a good mortgage broker.

What to do ... which direction to turn? It's great knowing that I have so many options. And today I choose to go see an early afternoon matinee of "Must Love Dogs" with my faithful sidekick, Susan. Have a great weekend, all.

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