Friday, January 13, 2006

Chill Out!

Ever have one of those days when you just want to reach through the computer screen and strangle someone?
That's the way I feel about my event co-chair (let's call her Stephanie) today.  We are both working really hard to coordinate this fund raiser, and I haven't been able to make many phone calls during the day now that I'm working.  So there are a LOT of email messages going back and forth.
This morning I sent Stephanie and another committee member an update on how many showcase participants we had.  One of the confirmed participants was someone I had talked to at the end of December.  Stephanie had a phone conversation with her earlier in the week and confirmed her participation.  When I sent the list around, my name was still attached to this particular participant as being the contact person.  Stephanie sent me a one line message to the effect of "my name should be there since I'm the one who talked to her."
Okay.  What. EVER.  It was an internal document.  It's not a competition.  We're not keeping score.  (At least I'm not.)
Then, this afternoon I get copied on a message that she sent to the treasurer (my good friend Lorrie) and copied the president about a check that absolutely, positively MUST be mailed.  I zapped back a note saying "if Lorrie hasn't responded, I suggest you call her - she may be out of town and not reading her email."
Oh. My. God.  I get this response that goes ON and ON about how of course she's called her - she called her at home and and work both yesterday and today and we really need to get things like this straightened out.
Uh. Okay.  Listen - I didn't know you had called her.  There was nothing in your message that indicated that you had done so.  Excuse me for living.  This woman is wound a little too tight.  And to make matters worse - Stephanie is the one who forgot to ask for the check on Weds night in the first place!
Yes, if I could only reach through the screen ...

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