Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Say Give Him A Ticket

So after being involved in a motorcyle accident with his 12 year old son, Arnold Schwarzenegger will not receive a traffic ticket.  Even though he was driving without a motorcycle license.
That's absolute bullshit.
There's some technical question about whether or not a motorcycle license is required for a motorcycle with a sidecar (technically, that makes it a three wheeler which is exempt from the law), but it's widely known that Arnold often drives a motorcycle without the sidecar - and he freely admits he does not have a motorcycle license because ``I just never really applied for it.''
Politicos are down playing the incident saying there are more pressing issues to get worked up about.  Gee, I don't know ... driving around on a motorcycle without a license with your kid in tow?  Seems like plenty to get worked up about to me.
They should have issued him the ticket, let him plead guilty and pay the fine and be done with it.  Now it's going to become an even bigger issue because they have, in essence, said that the governor is above the law.
So sayeth Kenna Fearing.

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