Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dead Tired

When will the holidays be over?
I had Monday off, but I needed that day to recover from being out late on New Year's Eve and then spending the day on Jan 1 cooking for The Man.  I've been out in the evening every day this week - on Monday it was yoga; on Tuesday it was my haircut; and last night it was a committee meeting for my women's group.  Tonight - a quiet evening at home with The Man and my second NetFlix movie.  And then tomorrow, a movie with Susan (Brokeback Mountain - gay cowboys? we're so there!) and on Saturday an engagement party and on Sunday a gathering with Susan and another girlfriend.
Maybe then the holidays will be over and I can take down my tree.
In the meantime - testing out the mail-to-blogger feature.  If it works the way I think it should, then I may be posting more regularly - and "On Company Time"

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