Tuesday, June 28, 2005

On Vacation: Day Forty-One

Even though it doesn't seem it, just the very fact that I'm not posting until early evening tells you that I've had a very busy day.

I'm getting good at the loafing.

Slept in, had to rush a little to get to my 9:00 a.m. pilates class. Spent some quality time with my nearly naked self in the tanning booth. Met up with someone from my women's group out by the lake to check out a garden that will be on our upcoming tour in early July. Took the long way home. Arrived to find a message from Rich - did I want to get a late lunch? Of course. Late lunch followed by stroll down main street and the trying on of a cute dress that I don't need but that's okay because it didn't fit anyway. Did some laundry. Have been picking up and putting down papers for hours now ... still not sure I've made any progress in that regard. Pulled out the laptop to create this post and realized it was a perfect time to call Dan. So I did.

And that brings you up to date on day forty-one of my vacation.

I Hate It When That Happens

So remember yesterday when I was excited about finding a $2 lottery ticket? Well, today I found a $10 coupon. That I should have had with me last week when I bought those new running shoes. Because I could have used it and saved $10. So now I just feel like I'm $8 in the hole.

Let's Give It A Whirl

Saw on the dashboard that now you can supposedly insert an image with ease. Let's see ... I'm going to try to insert a photo of me with the snarky journalist that my housemate Phil took. Good Golly Miss Molly - it works.

I'm not sure what we were laughing and talking about. Every time I sat down and tried to join the conversation that he was leading, I got bored. I mean, who cares if Tom Cruise is gay or not? So what if he was an extra in "War of the Worlds?" But he came and had a good time, and I might get my picture in the paper again so all's well that ends well, innit?

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