Sunday, September 25, 2005

When In Doubt ...

... consult online tech support.

They say that I shouldn't need a driver with Windows XP, but since I wasn't able to connect, I downloaded the most up-to-date driver. So now I can show you the marked improvement in my lawn.

That is, if I can get Blogger image hosting to work. I keep uploading and then the window goes blank and it says "Done" in the bottom left corner, but of course it really isn't done. It's supposed to go to a blue button that says done - it ain't done until you click done.

Sigh. Do you get the feeling I'm not going to be able to get past this? It's sucking my Sunday afternoon and I still have much to do.

In other news, I found this tucked away on the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets. I thought I'd give it a shot, but I could see that the product had clearly started to separate, and I just didn't want to chance it. Besides, I'm not crazy about coffee flavored anything. I like the way it smells, but I don't drink the stuff.

(Photos brought to you by virtue of my sheer brilliance and deducing that the photos had uploaded, I just hadn't been given the html code. I copied code from another previously uploaded photo, edited the .jpg tag number and voila - photos.)

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