Monday, September 19, 2005

From The Front Line

Remember Larry? The guy I went to New Orleans with back in June? Well, he's in New Orleans again. He's with the National Guard and he's been sent to help with the recovery efforts. Here are a few photos he shared with me last week:

Things are going well here today. I managed to get through to a few people on the phone regarding a fund raiser I'm co-chairing in February (honest - this is the LAST fund raiser that I'm going to work on!). I'm hopeful that I may have planted the seeds for corporate sponsorships of up to $7,500.

I got the invitations for my job fair out, and I'm working on resume/cover letter for a position at a local college. I start my temporary job tomorrow, and everything is cool with the unenjoyment - er, unemployment - office. I just won't claim benefits the weeks I'm working, and then I can start claiming again once the temporary job has ended.

Rich is coming over for dinner - we're having shrimp scampi, yum!

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