Friday, December 03, 2004

First Snow

Got the first snow of the season this morning. No snowplows required. It was just barely cold enough to snow, but there were some big fluffy flakes. If the temperature rises even one degree, this light covering will melt in a flash.

Speaking of flashing ... my life flashed before my eyes as I was walking to work this morning. Some idiot in a blue pickup was racing down the street and as I approached the corner I stopped about six feet away from the curb because I could tell he wasn't going to stop at the stop sign. Either he didn't know it was there or he planned on blowing through it all along because he didn't even begin to touch the brakes until he was about 10 feet away from the stop sign. And then, because the road was wet, he skidded and then just decided to gas through the intersection, giving me a little shrug as he sped on by. If there had been a car coming the other way, I would have had a really great shot to pass on to ScooterDeb for her WWOTW.

Speaking of ScooterDeb ... well, you know what we've been speaking about. Tee-hee. Giggle. Snort. Did you get my package yet?

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