Monday, December 06, 2004

Snow's Falling

It started about two hours ago and it's coming down fast and furious. I trudged downtown at lunchtime to mail a package, and as I crunched through the snow I could see that I was the first one to blaze a trail on the sidewalk. It was fun for about two blocks and then the wind shifted and I was walking face first into cold, wet snow. Then as the accumulation built, it began to get slippery underneath. By the time I got back I was wishing I'd driven to work today.

Still waiting for that call-back on the new job. Please, please, please keep thinking good thoughts for me. I'd like nothing better than to get that job even though it means I will probably have to take a pay cut and I'll no longer be able to walk to work. But it would be worth it to have a job where I know I won't be underutilized and under-challenged and where I'll know that I'm accomplishing something each and every day.

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