Saturday, January 15, 2005

Better Than I Know Myself

I know that the men in my life get nervous when I tell them that I share everything with my friend Susan. They get even more nervous when they realize that I could very easily just forward their email to her - or to anyone else. I suppose I should think twice before I do it - what if one of them forwarded my messages to others? But I guess that's the risk you take whenever you commit pen to paper, or cursor to screen.

So even though I've tried to keep the private things between me and Michael private, I just had to share this with you. It's both amazing and frightening that he's been observing me this closely:

"It's easy to remember your usual order at Boston Market(1/4 dark w/2 sides-usually green beans&sweet potatoes), or your cat Bandit with a patch of black fur around the eye, or that you don't like ketchup or any red sauce, or that you love seafood but not clams, oysters or mussels or that your mom drives a school bus and your dad was injured working for your uncle. It's important to me to remember these little things because their all part of who you are. I also learned that body language describes what makes up an individual. Like the way your eyes fill up with tears when you talk about you dad. It tells me that there's a deep love for someone that continues to have a strong influence in your life. And what about those Kenna Fearing sighs. Like the ones that say "I didn't think he was ready to here that yet", or the one that says "This is nice , I feel very comfortable right now" or my favorite " I like spending time with you Michael".

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