Friday, January 07, 2005

The Sunny Side of the Street

Today I spent some time walking on the sunny side of the street.

Literally. Although as soon as I wrote that I suddenly realized that my stroll had figurative meaning as well. After a nasty winter storm yesterday, the sun was out today and temperatures climbed back above freezing. I found my spirits rising with the temperature.

Last night Phil and I hosted a colleague for dinner. Bob used to live and work here in town, but he's been in RaChaCha for the last 20 years. He took a new position with our employer and is moving back to town. He also used to work for the same employer that Phil and I used to work for, and he is divorced, so we have much in common.

Shared my work woes with him, and he gave me some good advice. Better yet, he's going to put me in touch with someone who might be able to help me find a new job. It was all so civilized ... preparing a tray of cheese, crackers and fruit while Phil sliced the vegetables for the stir fry. Opening a bottle of wine and relaxing with it on the sofa. Enjoying dessert after dinner. I felt replete when I retired for the evening.

Managed to accomplish a few things today, none of it really work related. I'll be staying a few minutes late for a conference call ... more on that later.

Michael will be giving me a call this evening to see if he can drop by and then we'll finalize our plans for tomorrow. He totally bounced back and he's in the game! Apparently he's been taking lessons from "Kenna's Guide to Dating" because he is suddenly being very direct and clear about what he wants. Good for him. Doesn't mean he'll get it, but good for him!

Larry was out of town earlier in the week which was why I hadn't heard from him. He said he'd like to "say hello" sometime this weekend but that he already had a commitment for Saturday. Me too! I'll see how I feel on Sunday and maybe give him a call. Or maybe not. Sometimes a little space is good.

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