Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What Up?

Can you believe I haven't posted in three whole days? And no one sent a search and rescue team to my home? Some kind of friends you turned out to be!

Okay, so Saturday there was a snow storm, but still I braved the weather to be with Michael. I went over to his house and we heated things up - in the kitchen you dirty minded readers! - by making what is now one of my favorite winter recipes, Corn and Cod Chowder. And then we watched a movie ... well, part of a movie ... and since there was a raging snow storm outside, there was no way that I could drive myself home, so I spent the night. Enough said.

Wandered back home on Sunday and had enough energy to go to the gym before wasting the better part of the afternoon just faffing around the house. Still haven't taken my decorations down. Haven't even started.

[possibly more later when I feel more inspired]

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