Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cut Me Some Slack

Okay, I just know you're going to give me grief, but here goes.

I'm having dinner with Michael tonight.

Despite the fact that on three separate occasions he has gotten upset and simply walked out on me. Despite the fact that, as Susan so astutely says in my new tagline, "...this guy has baggage that's just too heavy to lift, or drag."

Call me a masochist, but I just gotta see what he comes up with next.

Besides, he owes me dinner. Ever since I first met and flirted with this guy on December 16, all I've gotten is:

* 12/23 - an afternoon visit that stretched into the evening during which I made him dinner (okay, pizza, but still); nice long visit that ended abruptly after I told him that I had a standing offer from John to "service" me whenever I needed a tune-up
* 12/30 - another afternoon visit that included a walk downtown for drinks and appetizers; visit stretched out for nearly nine hours and ended when I admitted I'd had dinner with Larry the day before
* 1/7 - an evening visit/cuddle on the couch - no sudden ending!
* 1/8 - an afternoon/overnight visit during which we cooked dinner together
* 1/13 - a lunch date
* 1/22 - a planned movie/dinner date which he unceremoniously cancelled (the aforementioned third instance of his walking out on me)when I admitted that I'd had dinner with a" friend" (Larry) the night before

[NOTE: I'm not counting the two afternoons (1/17 and 1/19) of snuggling in between the lunch date and the planned movie/dinner date. It was last week when I was sick and congested. Lying on top of the bed with me and snuggling while I sniffle does not constitute a date. But it's probably part of the reason he got so ripped when he found out I'd gone out to dinner with someone else ...]

And he wonders why I'm not prepared to pledge my undying love and total commitment to him. I'm making him take me to the seafood extravaganza at one of my favorite restaurants.

Let's see if he walks out on me tonight...

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