Sunday, June 20, 2004

Cat People

In thinking about the people whose blogs amuse me most, I realized something - they tend to be cat people. I think that maybe one or two might have a dog, but a dog is just there, and folks don't tend to blog on about their dogs. Yesterday when I was at the garden center, there was a cat running around. It was obvious that he lived there, and it was so nice to have him come up to me, let me pet him and then flop to the ground so I could run his belly. Granted, dogs do that too, but they are not nearly as gentle and refined.

The humidity has let up and it's something of a strange day. Not too warm, not too cool, not too much sun, not too many clouds. My feet are cold and I smell the father's day BBQ across the street. Still much to do around the house but I'm letting the thought of it immobilize me. Maybe I should just pick one task and do that (she says knowing that she'll start that one task and then decide to do something else that wasn't even on the to-do list to begin with!). All right, it's time to tackle the crap that I've piled up on the guest bed. After all, I will be having house guests next weekend and will need a place for them to sleep. Maybe a before and after photo will motivate me ...

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