Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Here's the Thing ...

... I'm totally hooked on blogging.

And I'm trying to develop my own voice. It's just like real life when you start picking up the idiosyncrasies of your family and friends - gesturing like they do, using the same phrases, eating your food the same way, dressing alike etc.

I've found myself saying "dammit" when I comment over at Brian's site, and I've found myself using the phrase, "but is it art?" and feeling guilty because really, I stole it from Brian.

One day a few weeks ago I tried to take a photo of the back end of a grocery delivery truck (it had this really stupid photo of a woman cradling a loaf of bread like a baby) and I wondered if Deb would think that I was ripping off her Wednesday Wreck of the Week concept.

Lately I started striking through thoughts and feel somewhat guilty about that, because Amanda did it first.

I guess the kicker was when I realized that I was more conscious of my ... shall we say elimination habits ... and really, I have to attribute that to Dan.

So I'm trying to develop my own schtick. Here's what I've got so far:

1) Word of the Day - sporadic, but useful
2) Blurbs Overheard - repeating the inane comments I sometimes hear
3) Stupid News - repeating stories gossip on the Olsen twins and Mary Lou Whitney and other pseudo-celebrities that serves to get me Google hits
4) Show Me Some Love - offering to share lottery winnings with folks who shower me with love and affection

We'll see where it goes - but feel free to share in the fun. Send me your blurbs overheard and stupid news. And it goes without saying - compliments, adoration and adulation are always welcome here.

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