Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Strangers In The Night

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So I had this party on Saturday night. A fairly normal thing to do. But the thing that made this year's party especially spectacular was the stroke of genius I had to invite COMPLETE STRANGERS to the party. Yes, I invited complete strangers to come to my home and party with my friends.

No, I didn't just grab people off the street. I've been on for several years now and had decided to let my membership lapse. But I wanted to go out with a bang. So I went through my list of 'favorites' and sent initial inquiries to about 20 guys. Seven or eight of them responded asking for more info. Four of them responded "yes" and four others never gave me a definite reply. Some of them (as it turns out, the ones who didn't show) were concerned that it would be just me and a bunch of guys. (What's wrong with that? I think - if I'm not reason enough to attend, then don't bother).

But being the kind-hearted and generous gal that I am, I went ahead and issued invites to 5 or 6 women - ladies who I thought were attractive and intelligent. I heard back from one who was a 'maybe' but who didn't show, and got a polite decline from another one who already had plans.

So, I had "the usual suspects" and these four men who I had never met. I told them all to feel free to bring a friend (not specifying male or female) and one of them said "I might invite my friend Jeannie - we met on but didn't click, but she's a nice woman and might enjoy this." No problem. Jeannie did show up and she had such a good time, she called her friends Amy and Linda and they joined the party too!

Many of "the usual suspects" knew the party plan in advance (my friend Richard helped select the women) and a few others found out during the course of the party. My friend Scott was clueless until the end of the night. But it really, truly was an extraordinary evening.

In fact, I got two thumbs up:

But I really knew I had a hit on my hands when I saw Susan, who usually doesn't drink, with two drinks in hand:

As for meeting my match ... I think I'm just too much woman to handle. I followed up with one guy, and haven't heard back from him. I got a lovely thank you from the guy who invited his friend Jeannie along, but I think he just wants to be invited to the fall party.

Tomorrow, when I have more time, I'll post a few more photos.

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